Surplus / Excess Property

The Excess Property Program is part of the Purchasing Office which has responsibility for the sale or disposition of University owned property. The program provides guides for handling excess property, and incentives in the form of credits to participating departments from sale proceeds.

The program’s mission is to ensure the maximum utilization of University assets, especially capital equipment, within the University community. To this end, thorough investigations into the capital requirements of University departments are conducted.

The program’s objectives include encouraging participation by crediting sale proceeds to departmental accounts, controlling loss of assets through misappropriation or unauthorized sales, preserving the traceability of capital equipment, discouraging inappropriate use of space, and offering excess goods to students, faculty, staff, and the general public at reasonable prices.

The “Surplus” list is the primary source used to communicate information about excess property, and it is updated regularly.  The list can be found here.

An example of how the excess property process works is described below using computer equipment.

When a department authorizes the sale of computer equipment through Excess Property, a price range based on fair market value is set by the manager.  The item is listed for sale and a search for departments with requests for similar equipment is conducted. If a match is found, the department is contacted and offered an opportunity to purchase the item. Certain items such as newer computer equipment, newer office furniture, and file cabinets are usually retained for departmental sale. After a reasonable time, the item would be offered for sale to the general public.

Excess Property is located at
Hawkins Warehouse, 1600 Jamesville Ave
Phone: 443-1704 Email:
Please visit the surplus list page to see hours and dates of operation.

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