Electronics Recycling


As electronic waste proliferates, the need to dispose of old electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible way has increased.

Purchasing, in collaboration with Risk Management and the Environmental Health Office, has retained the services of Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery (RCR&R), to remove and recycle obsolete and non-working computers and electronic equipment from the University in an environmentally sound manner and in compliance with all state and federal recycling and disposal laws. Please follow these guidelines to identify and prepare equipment for removal from your department.

Identify Equipment:
Electronic equipment that is acceptable can be viewed by clicking this link.
Recycle: Obsolete computers may be in working condition, but have no market value and therefore would be considered eligible for recycling. Examples are:   Pentium I, II and III models, Dell 620’s,  Apple G3s, CRT monitors, and monitors with a viewing screen that measures 15 inches or less diagonally. Other electronic and computer equipment suitable for recycling would include obsolete or non-working monitors, computers, television sets, monochrome or black and white monitors, dot matrix printers, fax machines, scanners and copiers. You will need to fill out the electronics/computer recycling form.

Sanitizing of used electronic equipment/computers prior to recycling: 
Departments sending electronic equipment for recycling must follow Syracuse University Policy for removing University data from electronic equipment (including computers, copiers, cellular phones, data storage devices). 
Please refer to: http://supolicies.syr.edu/it/data_removal.htm for more information.

It is the responsibility of the department sending the electronic equipment / computer(s) to assure these procedures are completed. Excess Property does not monitor equipment for compliance or provide any data sanitation services.

It is important to note that PRIOR to sending electronic equipment and/or computers to be Recycled, all data MUST be removed from the data storage devices per standards set by Syracuse University’s Information Technology Department.

“All Syracuse University data must be permanently removed from all computing and communication equipment prior to transfer, disposition, or sale of said equipment to keep certain data such as application data, licensed software, licensing keys, passwords, email, and other sensitive information confidential.”

Recycling Instructions:

  1. Complete the Electronics/Computer Recycling Form. Provide a Description, Quantity, and SU Property Tag # (if present)  for each item you wish to have recycled . This information is needed to meet regulatory guidelines and for the recycling company to honor your request for a pick-up.
  2. Sanitize the equipment. Click here for instructions.
  3. The recycling company will confirm the day and approximate time of pick up (weekly on Thursday’s) with the person identified on the Electronics/Computer Recycling Form.
  4. Email completed form to surplus@syr.edu or send via campus mail to:  Purchasing Department, 210 Skytop Office Building or by fax to 443-4932.
  5. Once the forms are received, arrangements will be made with your department representative to remove equipment.
  6. Pick-up and removal of computer and electronic equipment for recycling will be scheduled with RCR&R by Purchasing and handled by RCR&R.
  7. Please email Surplus at  surplus@syr.edu   if you have any questions about recycling computer and electronic equipment.

** There is now an electronics recycling drop box located at Excess Property at Hawkins.  If you have items to be recycled and would prefer to bring them to the Excess Property Location, you may do so during the store’s open hours.  The store’s schedule is listed on the surplus list page.  Please note: an Electronics/Computer Recycling Form is still required (with location listed as Hawkins/Ex Prop). **