Buying Tool Kit

The Purchasing Policy outlines the dollar thresholds that trigger competitive bidding requirements, and describes those requirements for (1) purchases using non-sponsored funds, and (2) purchases using sponsored funds. For purchases being made directly by the department between $10,000 and $24,999, these require departments to obtain an adequate number of quotations (2 or more, three preferred) from qualified sources. Departments will then submit these quotations to the Purchasing Department for review and acceptance. If there are limited sources of supply, departments are to provide adequate justification for the purchase. If desired, the Purchasing Department will be happy to solicit bids and provide a summary of results for the department’s review and evaluation.

To assist the campus the Purchasing Department has developed several tools to be used in documenting their competitive bidding activities or non-competitive requirements.


Request for Proposal – Services

Currently Under Development


Request for Proposal – Goods

Currently Under Development


Request for Quotation

Currently Under Development


General Bid Tabulation

To assist you in documenting the results of your bidding results, please use the following General Bid Tabulation, and submit this to Purchasing with your requisition.


Non-Competitive Justification Form

Certain purchases may be exempt from competitive bid requirements.  Please refer to the Purchasing Policy and if you feel your buy meets the requirements of a Non-Competitive Purchase, please use the Non-Competitive Form to document your request and submit this to the Purchasing Department for review.